Shall we Kraft?

Krafts by Ktrips

Krafts are created by Ktrips by hand-made.
The product line-up is Krafts KBN (bag), Klean (Air checker), Kase (Name card case), BKMK (Bookmark), and Kasa (Umbrella). It's coming more soon!

Krafts KBN

Krafts KBN is Japanese KaBaN.

The bag detects what you put and check anything you forget to bring.
It uses NFC reader and identifies your important staff in the bag if they have NFC card or tag.
Company ID card, wallet, key, and your phone. 

Krafts Kreen

Krafts Kreen & Klean

Klean is air checker and personal assistant in your office or home. 

Krafts BKMK

Krafts BKMK stands for BooK MarK. It's a magical piece of paper for reader.
Change your reading experience to magical time!

Krafts Kase

Servo: Kobot Servo consists 2 servo motors, WIFI enabled ESP8266 chip, battery, and 2 moving parts in a block shape unit.
This unit is a main part to construct robots as legs and arms. 

Motor: Kobot Motor is single motor unit for making cars and moving parts in robots.

Krafts Kasa

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