Konnected Kreatively Kustomizable Robots

Kobots are tiny blocks but ...


To iPhone, Blocks, Sensors, and Internet with Wifi enabled.


With LEGO(R) and iPhone APP. LEGO(R) compatible dots/case and can be attached to LEGO blocks.

Kreative blocks for kids and makers

Kobot blocks are so flexible and customizable that good for hobby robot makers to kids.

Kobot Blocks

There are multiple Units as Kobot parts: Kobot Servo, Motor, Camera, IR, and Sensors

Kobot Servo

Servo consists 2 servo motors, WIFI enabled ESP8266 chip, battery, and 2 moving parts in a block shape unit.
This unit is a main part to construct robots as legs and arms.

Kobot Motor Motor is single motor unit for making cars and moving parts in robots.

Kobot Camera


kobot IR

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Kobot robots

Kobot legs

Kobot tank